Special design packaging carton box shape makes life more interesting


After designing lots of packaging, we found many special and interesting box. Many boxes come from life and are also used in life which is a very happy feeling for us. Let us show you some special boxes.

House-shaped Christmas box

It combined Christmas factor and family factor, with a lid and base bottom box. Does it look very warm at first glance? And you are attractive to open and look at it? That means this mysterious design is very successful.

Christmas tree gift box

It is inspired by current popular blind box and calendar, and it contains 24 small gift boxes with Christmas decoration. People can open one blind box with a surprise day by day until Christmas Eve.

Book-shaped box

It is named after the shape of book. This box contains literary elements, consumer psychology, consumer experience and other design concepts. It is a paper box that is quickly recognized by consumers.

Cabinet-style double-opening box

It is designed referring to the shape and function of the wardrobe because woman usually focus on their wardrobe and double-opening is very convenient, certainly suitable for packaging cosmetics and jewelry. The cabinet double-opening box is the best choice for almost all noble and elegant feminine products packaging.

Diamond-shape box

The diamond itself represents nobility, eternity and sincerity. So using diamond-shape box for packaging chocolate or jewelry to express eternity and sincerity love of giver to receiver is the best choice.

Coffin box

It is the packaging designed with a special cultural background, usually used for flowers, cosmetics and jewelry. The coffin box is combined with the mysterious characteristics of Western vampires, isn't this characteristic just in line with the core of surprise gift packaging?