Common box styles of packaging boxes in the printing industry.


Common types of packaging boxes

Shenzhen Sonpha Paper Co., Ltd . has been adhering to the concept of "good packaging delivers brand value" for many years, and is committed to professional research and development, production, and customization of various high-end gift packaging boxes, jewelry boxes, cosmetic boxes, electronic boxes, food boxes, and tea packaging Boxes, various exquisite packaging boxes and ordinary packaging boxes. Create the best products and services based on talents and technology. The packaging box, as the name suggests, is a box used to package products. The paper box is one of the most common packaging methods in our daily life. It protects the products and makes our lives more convenient. Commonly used packaging box types include airplane box, top cover, book box, socket type, window type, clamshell type, portable type, drawer type and so on.

1. Bookshaped box type

The book-shaped box type is composed of a front panel and a bottom box. The materials are selected according to the customized size and function of the packaging box. Some book-shaped boxes require magnets, iron sheets and other materials. The book-shaped packaging box is relatively simple and has a wide range of applications.

2. World cover box type/two pieces box

The top cover and the lower cover are divided into top cover and lower cover. The two can be easily separated. The cost is relatively high due to the use of more paper, but the texture is good. It is suitable for making exquisite gift boxes, such as food packaging boxes, jewelry boxes, clothing packaging, and gifts. Boxes, etc., help to enhance the brand image.

3. Drawer box/sliding box type

Drawer box type. This packaging form is similar to the shape of a drawer. The cover and body are separated by two sheets of paper. The structure is firm and easy to use for multiple times. The advantage of the drawer box is that it is convenient for the loading and unloading, moving, preservation and counting of the goods in storage, convenient for the display of goods in sales, beautification publicity, increase the value, attract customers, enhance competitiveness, and facilitate consumers to subscribe, carry and use. Common ones are health care product packaging, electronic packaging, meal replacement powder packaging and so on.

4. Socket box type

Socket carton is the most commonly used form of carton, which is simple in shape, simple in process and low in cost, which is the requirement of most customers. The socket-type carton is also used in a wide range, including food packaging, tea packaging, medicine packaging, and now commonly used masks.

5. Portable box type

The purpose of the portable type is to facilitate the carrying of consumers. There are usually two manifestations:-The handle and the box are separated. The handle is usually made of comprehensive materials, such as rope, plastic, paper bags, etc.; the second is the handle and the box. Box-body structure, that is, the method of using a piece of paper to form.

6. Window box type

The biggest feature of this structure is that the contents or inner packaging are directly displayed to provide consumers with true and credible visual information, and pvc transparent film is pasted inside the window to protect the product.

There are two principles that need to be followed when designing a window: (1) The size of the window must be exquisite. If the window is too large, it will affect the firmness of the box. If it is too small, the product cannot be seen clearly. (2) The shape of the window should be beautiful, if the cutting line is too complicated, it will make the picture look trivial.

7. Display box type

Display boxes can also be called "pop" packaging boxes, which can be used for advertising display. This is a swing lid box with a special shape structure. Open the lid. Turning from the folding line, and inserting the tongue of the box into the inside of the box, the pattern of words and faces is displayed, which complements each other with the goods in the box, and has a good display and decoration effect.

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