China's most versatile supplier of customized packaging paper boxes


Sonpha has provided creative packaging paper box packaging methods for more than 40 countries around the world, we have solved packaging problems of 5000+ customers. But all these make us claim to be the most versatile supplier of customized packaging box manufacturer: It can independently complete the innovative design, production, printing, assembly, packaging and transportation of handmade boxes in any cycle and any MOQ. At the same time, it meets the packaging needs of new and old customers, and solves customers' existing or future packaging difficulties. 

Sonpha can be recognized by the United States, Britain, Germany, Russia, France, Australia, Mexico and other European and American countries, not only because of our creative packaging, but because we can solve existing problems and hidden dangers. When new customers contact Sonpha for the first time, their most worried questions are about:

1.What is the minimum order quantity?

2.Can our packaging design highlight the advantages of your product and achieve your packaging purpose?

3.Are our paper raw materials recyclable and biodegradable?

4.If there is an emergency, can the turnaround efficiency be adjusted quickly?

5.Can our factory match the future packaging plan of our client company?

6.How to provide after-sale service if there is a quality problem?

Our minimum order quantity is 500 PCS. Why not 1 PCS?

Sonpha is a customized packaging box supplier integrating industry and trade, without any inventory. Inventory boxes can only be used as original packaging-to protect the product, and custom packaging boxes can achieve your packaging purpose-to increase sales or brand promotion. Most of our customer base is the latter. The main price difference between 100 PCS and 500 PCS is caused by the start-up cost, not material, design, printing and other reasons. Assuming that the start-up fee is 70 US dollars, the the same box, the material cost is divided into 50 US dollars and 60 US dollar, then the unit price of 1000 PCS is calculated as {100x0.15+70+50}➗100=1.35 $/PCS, and the unit price of 500 is calculated as {500x0.15+70+60}➗500=0..41 $/PCS. Different factories have different start-up fees and material costs, but the unit price is calculated in the same way. A custom box of 100 PCS is 130$, and  a custom box of 500 PCS is 203$. Hard to understand? The half-hour capacity of the printing press is basically fixed. If it is 2000 PCS, 100 PCS and 500 PCS of new customers will also take half an hour. Unless the supplier you choose is a small printing factory, few people are willing to occupy the delivery time of old customers to earn a very low trust value. Therefore, the value of incompetent new customers, or the trust of old customers, and the low MOQ are all immature suppliers. We set it to 500 PCS, which is based on the comprehensive consideration of different levels of customer needs and our own factories, rather than a slogan.

Our pictures on website are all our customized printed samples.

The packaging boxes we design for customers are divided into OEM packaging  and ODM packaging. ODM packaging is that customers have their own packaging design drawings, and we change the design concept on this basis to improve the packaging plan. OEM packaging is the packaging design solution we provide to our customers. From the design perspective that customers care about, we provide different packaging solution. For customers who care about the price, we will provide design solutions that focus on saving materials. For customers who care about the brand, we will design a suitable packaging solution based on the customer's brand story and the background of the company''s establishment. For customers who care about design, we will offer packaging cases of different packaging box types for customers' reference, and then determine the size, color, and craftsmanship to form a perfect packaging design. For customers who care about the advantages of the product, we can print 3D pictures or text to highlight the characteristics of the product. All in all, we will formulate different packaging to the different packaging purposes of our customers.

Our printing materials can be 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Not all printing materials are 100% recyclable and degradable. Only special industries or products use expensive raw materials, such as food, fruit. The usual printing materials are: ivory paper, gray cardboard, corrugated paper, art paper, high-density paper, special paper, etc. It is the customer's right to choose the raw material, and it is our obligation to recommend suitable printing materials to the customer.

Fast turnover adjustment can better experience the factory's operational capabilities.

Turnover efficiency refers to the time period during which customers suddenly increase orders and factories quickly make adjustments to meet customer requirements. It is difficult for a step-by-step factory to adjust factory orders in  a short period of time, free up printing machinery and staff to process new orders. Our factory has 4 Heidelberg 6-color printing machines, 4 hot stamping machines, 2 automatic cutting machines, 2 proofing machines, automatic bonding machines and semi-automatic bonding machines, Komori machines, etc. The factory production line has corrugated box production line, cardboard box production line, and 4 factory warehouses for raw materials and finished products. The production of different paper packaging boxes can be adjusted at any time to respond to customer emergencies at all times.

We are the best candidates for sustainable packaging, and the common development of the company is a bridge for win-win cooperation. Our factory has been established for 30 years and the company has been established for 12 years. Long-term cooperative brand customers include: VIVO, OPPO, HUAWEI. Since we are positioned as a paper packaging supplier, our factory contains different types of paper packaging box production lines, fully satisfying the needs of potential customers. During the 30 years, we have gone throungh a lot of postgraduate entrance examinations and improvements to adapt to the changing needs of the market. Fortunately, we have gained recognition from many international brands and become customers of sustainable packaging. We hope that customers will recognize the strength of our factory and the company's development  philosophy and become partners for common development.

Any inferior packaging boxes will be thrown into the shredder.

For 30 years, we have adhered to the factory's bottom line of packaging boxes, and will never send customers a low-quality paper packaging product. We have three quality inspection checkpoints inthe production process to confirm the sample-packaging assembly-packing and transportation. Before putting into full-scale production, we will check the color, font and process reduction degree of the model through experienced machine operators in the factory, and then make a sample to the customer to confirm the sample after confirmation. When manual boxes pass through a fully automatic asseembly machine, our employees will directly throw away the unqualified boxes, and will not return them as shoddy. Finally, when the finished product is packaged, the quality inspector will carefully check one by one to exclude inferior paper products. If the packaging box is damaged during transportation, we will negotiate with the customer according to the situation, and will not shirk any responsibilities. On the contrary, we will take the initiative to bear the damage caused by natural factors together with the customer. In Sonpha's concept, customers are not cold packaging cartons, but packaging box suppliers who coexist rationally and emotionally.

We, Sonpha hope to become China's most versatile supplier of customized packaging paper boxes, not just hope, but already on the way. Our goal is not to be recognized by one or two international brands, but to be recognized by all cooperating customers. Whether it is a cardboard box, a corrugated box or a handmade box, I have the confidence and ability to achieve my grand goal.